Hello all,

I'm writing to ask for your help pushing these short videos out. These are part of our clemency campaign for Ray Tibbetts, who's scheduled for execution Feb. 13.

Part of our strategy is to highlight the connection between Ray's addiction issues and the current opioid crisis. The background of his case is that he was able to be in recovery, had a job, was married, etc. He was injured at work and was prescribed opioids (despite his past addition issues), and there is a direct line from that injury to his life spiraling immediately before the murders.

Another prominent theme is his authentic conversion in prison. You'll see how that is highlighted pretty powerfully.

The end of the videos has the asks for action. We're also using the following language at all events we have this week and next:

Ray Tibbetts accepts responsibility for his crimes. He's been a model prisoner for 20 years and has become a passionate Christian. He hopes to be allowed to serve out his life in prison, providing support to fellow prisoners. Ray is scheduled to be executed February 13. We do not need to kill him in order to hold him accountable.  Please ask Governor Kasich to commute Ray's sentence.

To Take Action: Call Governor Kasich at 855-782-6925 and ask him to stop the execution of Ray Tibbetts.

Go to otse.org to send Governor Kasich an email and learn about other ways you can help stop executions in Ohio.
Home - Ohioans to Stop Executions OTSE is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to reduce use of and ultimately end capital punishment in Ohio. We are ordinary Ohioans.

Thanks so much for your help and please let me know if you need any other info or details,

Kevin Werner
614-560-0654  (office)
614-981-3148  (cell)

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